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Dino Bite Espresso Ground Coffee – 2Oz Small Batch Roasted Espre

Dino Bite Espresso Ground Coffee – 2Oz Small Batch Roasted Espre

SKU: DineBite12oz

A Must for Gourmet Lovers: Whether a coffee aficionado who always enjoys experiencing new flavors and notes or you simply want to surprise a loved one with a delicious coffee selection that will pamper their senses on a daily basis, the Smoothe Coffee is the perfect choice!


Finest Quality Coffee Selection: These coffee packets are made with premium quality, fair trade coffee beans, sustainably and ethically sourced from top providers. Our coffee is hand crafted and comes in small batches, for assured freshness.


A Touch of Whimsy: Ever wondered how pre-historic people started their mornings? It was surely with a hot cup of Smoothe Coffee coffee! Our coffee bags have a unique and whimsical prehistoric theme that will certainly put a smile on everyone’s lips!


Roasted to Order: We are a small business that puts our customer’s happiness before anything else. That’s why our ground coffee is roasted, grinded, flavored and packed individually for each order.


Intense and Rich Flavor: The Smoothe Coffee flavored whole bean coffee will awaken your senses each day with subtle and delicious chocolatey notes, for a superb, intense experience that will have you asking for seconds!

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